Everything Is All Fixed Forever


Okay, maybe not, but if you’ve ever had an issue with an Airwindows ‘Patreon era’ plugin eating extra CPU…

I’ve developed a thorough denormal-numbers fix that ought to work on any CPU, any DAW, quite intelligently with very low overhead. Some (not all) DAWs needed this: if an audio region ended and the plugins began demanding lots of CPU, that means your DAW was affected. Now, if the audio region ends, you get a -250 db little hissy noise (a variant on HighGlossDither) and it’ll kick in even if you’re already seeing denormal numbers, not just for true digital black, and only one in every channel strip will activate so they aren’t cumulative and won’t build up. Lastly, if you save to 24 bit without dithering, this noise automatically reverts to digital black. Like I said, a nice Airwindows-y denormals fix, a little more sophisticated than it has to be.

And ALL THE PLUGINS are now fixed.


Every single Airwindows plugin that was released as VST (and supported by Patreon) is covered. As of right now, the primary download link for all those old posts is now updated to the new version without CPU mongering. Also, the link at the top left, where you can download ALL the plugins at once, which you might want to do for convenience purposes? All the new versions. (That would be NewUpdates.zip)

If for any reason you need to roll back a plugin to the previous version (I can’t see why, but just in case) you can grab all the old builds in NoDenormalization.zip. I don’t think you’ll want to, but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of XCode and Visual Studio, so I’m making sure the previous builds are still available.

Small print: there’s two plugins that got skipped, BitShiftGain and DC Voltage, though I did rebuild them along with the others. That’s because they’re each one line of code and don’t even define a variable to put the audio in, and I wanted to have one or two in the simplest possible form so people can see what’s the DSP and what’s the framework, when they get open-sourced. PurestGain fixes denormals. Also small print: ‘everything’ doesn’t mean VST parameter names are longer, because I found mentions of old versions of DAWs crashing and dying if you gave them longer names, and so I didn’t try to force longer names. There’s apparently a sort of laborious XML process that can do it. For now, the plugins will continue to look as they did. Lastly, if you’re on Studio One, make sure the program hasn’t stashed away old versions of the plugins to cling to, as that’s apparently a thing. Plugeat emptor!

NewUpdates.zip will give you the complete collection of CPU-fixed plugins, and everything CPU ought to be all fixed forever.