TL;DW: Left/Right, Mid/Side, and Master in one plugin.


This one’s by request: while I was getting NC-17 ready for its big day, I thought I’d bring out a nice little utility.

EveryTrim is like PurestGain only more so: it is very simply every basic stereo trim you can have (in loudness terms, anyhow!) You get left, right, mid/side, and a master level control. It works on stereo tracks only, as mid/side is meaningless without stereo.

It’s also efficiently coded, suppresses denormal numbers, and uses the same noise shaping to the floating point buss you get in PurestGain. If you need a nice basic gain trim that does all those things (and nothing fancy: Wider is much more sophisticated, and I’ve got an idea for a still more sophisticated stereo-widener plugin that is in the works) then EveryTrim will come in handy. Begone, dull pan-pots! EveryTrim will also be simpler than using EdIsDim and MidSide just to adjust mid/side balances: while you can do that with that pair of plugins, they’re really for doing processing between them using another plugin (any plugin, doesn’t have to be M/S). With EveryTrim, you can tweak mid and side levels directly, in a more obvious way.

If you like getting handy free plugins from me… or if you like the way my plugins support back to Win7 and earlier, and MacOS 10.6.8 and earlier (while still working on current platforms), you should support my Patreon. I’m operating outside the normal plugin market by doing this, but the better it does the more I’ll be capable of, and the more fancy plugins I’ll produce. If I can stay over $700 when next month begins, I’ll pick another plugin from the bottom of the big ‘Kagi Shareware List’ in addition to putting out NC-17. If I get over $800 I’ll begin open sourcing these plugins… and I’m still working on getting the Linux build to work. It’ll be an .so file, and when those become possible I will update every plugin I’ve made VST so far, to be also LinuxVST. (if anyone’s building LinuxVSTs, I’d love some pointers!)