Build this bass-enhancer into an aux on your mix to generate controllable tape-like fullness and bass depth.


This is a first for Airwindows VST: FathomFive introduces a special Airwindows algorithm that acts like a combination between an EQ and a bass amp. This plugin can be used in sound design or on isolated tracks, but it’s also part of an Airwindows DAW workflow I outline in the video I’ve made. The idea is this: rather than blur and damage your sound by running through lots of ‘fake analog’ effects on your buss to impart deepness and analog-like tone, use the Airwindows plugins Console4 and FathomFive to get a big-sounding mix while letting most mix elements through with minimal processing. You can run the ‘bass bloom’ behavior on an aux, and feed it with only the elements you want, and then integrate it into the sound with Console4 which both works the way Console wants to be used, and addresses limitations that Console has when used all by itself.

It’s all in the rather long video, and of course you can simply download and use the plugin if you prefer making up your own rules. There are no rules, I’m only explaining one very specific use case where FathomFive works symbiotically with Console.

Hope you like it!