Fireworks Reverbs

FireworksReverbs?is a newer set of reverb impulses for convolution reverbs. Contains a lot of really killer sound design and special effect impulses! This is zipped AIFF files, so it is usable on a PC if you can read AIFFs. If you’d like to install them in Logic as presets (Mac only, uses installer), thank Mini-Dan from Gearslutz for?FireworksReverbsInstaller?which gives you the same reverbs, built into the Space Designer preset menu!

These were a big project, stemming from one wild idea: rather than sample bangs in acoustic spaces, why not record a whole fireworks show and then sculpt those recordings into impulses? The idea was that such loud explosion sounds, captured accurately, would produce convolution impulses darker and more distant than typical digital reverbs.

This worked great, and as a result, Fireworks Reverbs contains lots of dark, natural-sounding acoustic spaces… but it’s also got many far stranger things. Some of the sounds have odd overtones or weird details, and some by design are unlike any normal impulse. The Chorus examples are like that: they have flurried clusters of impulses, so sounds run through them become diffuse and scattered. They were all named for what they sounded like, and the range of sounds was surprisingly vast, even unearthly. They’re all fairly dark and natural-sounding, which is understandable as they are from field recordings. Many have been doctored in post-processing to enhance their qualities.

Be cautious of picking odd impulses, or those with artifacts, for ‘normal’ purposes, but within the limitations of the concept these things ought to be very useful!