Fracture?is the 2008 Airwindows Xmas present for lovers of ugly sound everywhere!

It works by using a Density-style overdrive (based on a sine function) but letting you override the fully-saturated point. Since the function will roll back around to zero again, you can make it go to silence, not full crank, when ‘distorting’.

That means several things. If you feed a sine into Fracture just right, you can get an octave-up sine out of it, or other frequencies. You can also get strange glitched-out sounds with a lot of supersonic hash, or overtones that interact with how loud your signal is. It can spit out nasty overtones, or simply induce weird harmonics.

It’s free, so if that sounds interesting, have fun! This is another strangely Airwindows invention that you’re not likely to find elsewhere.