TL;DW: A special gate that applies filters.


Those who’ve been watching Airwindows know that I’m supposed to be taking it easy and cooling my jets just a bit ;) I’ve had a pretty strenuous Fall and have to dial it back so I don’t get sick. (shout-out to moge of Gearslutz who tipped me off to things about posture and pinched nerves: some of my woes seem to be clearing up thanks to heeding this advice!)

However, I’ve also made promises… and it’s difficult for me to entirely pause making plugins, when I have good ones in the pipeline :)

Gatelope was initially developed for Ola Sonmark, to solve the following problem: can you gate a tom mic in such a way that it rejects cymbal bleed, but lets the lows sustain longer, and then transitions into silence gracefully?

It just so happens that in developing that, I also wanted to do the opposite: reject low frequency rumble and sustain the highs more. I thought it might be useful for tightening up spot mics on kick drums. And the result… does both those things, and anywhere in between, and various other effects besides. It’s existed as a secret, Mac-only, AU-only weapon for long enough. I didn’t want to wait any longer, so enjoy Gatelope now (the Mac AU build contains an extra plugin, Gatelinked, which works like the VSTs: Gatelope in AU is ‘N to N’ and meant to be used on mono tracks, and the VSTs and Gatelinked are exactly the same, but linked stereo to prevent the stereo image from going to the side randomly)

If I seem a little out of sorts, it’ll get better and you can keep tabs on me as I’ll be doing Airwindows livestreams/AMA on Mondays at 11 AM EST from now on: that’s not so demanding as making 50+ plugins a year, and I enjoy helping people and answering questions. That’ll be on the same YouTube channel my plugin videos are on. All this is supported through Patreon, which I really appreciate: think of it like, if you would have bought one plugin from me at $50 during the last year, then please get on the Patreon to give $50 a year. You can stop if stuff comes up, nothing bad will happen, and you can do $100 or $150 a year if you’d have bought many plugins. The steadiness of it helps me, and having that resource lets me plan more things for Airwindows. I’ve got a lot of ideas, ask me at the livestream.

For now, have fun with Gatelope, and thank you! :)