GatelopeDemo?triggers a gate which sweeps two very transparent and natural filters across each other to cut off the sound. Can cut mostly treble for toms, or tighten bass on kicks and snares. Startlingly useful!

This plugin was inspired by Ola Sonmark, who continues to enjoy it many years later. It’s like an audiophile version of an envelope follower, the original purpose being to gate toms in such a way that their roundness could hang on even while cymbal bleed is being filtered away from them. I also found that you could tighten up things like kick drums by using Gatelope and cutting down the bass sustain. Or, of course, you can do both at once.

Gatelope runs 255 samples of latency, in order to use the lookahead control (notable because virtually no Airwindows plugins run latency). In all these years it’s never needed to change because it already does exactly what it sets out to do. It’s still for sale today, now compiled to be 64 bit.

Gatelope is $50.