GolemDemo?is a utility plugin for use with heavy guitar miking, when you have two mics on a stereo track but need to sum them to mono, balance them, and adjust relative phase. Includes a phase switch for tuning phase through cancellation. The name comes from the Sneap metal recording forum, where they call this type of miking “Clayman” miking after a notable album using it. It’s also called “Fredman” miking after a studio where they’re constantly using this miking- and also called ‘two mics on a guitar cab’ by people who think it is silly to give it a bunch of evocative names.

It’s a delay and a balance control for blending two tracks given as a stereo pair. Balance picks between the two sides and blends them accordingly, to mono. Offset delays either one or the other, an amount determined by the phase popup. The mic/guitar range is tighter, the bass/DI range is a bigger maximum delay. This becomes pretty much the same as moving the mic in and out, and lets you fiddle with the phase post-recording.

Anyway, the plugin’s named Golem, and Golem is $50.