TL;DW: Very Fine Adjustments.


If you’ve seen EveryTrim, you know how this works: it’s the all-possible-trims trim. +- 12dB of left, right, mid, side, and master volume. By request, and a handy little tool for all manner of stereo tweaking. It’s very nearly as clear and accurate as PurestGain, which itself is very nearly as accurate as BitShiftGain (and most people will find any of these more than acceptable, because this is uber-pickiness land and none of you are likely to be able to tell these from your standard utility gain plugin from your DAW, ten out of ten. I just know I’ve implemented mine with extra rigorousness)

Thing is, the person who’d requested this is the same one who requested Hermepass… and in this case, I fumbled it a bit. On many DAWs, and all my Mac Audio Unit stuff, you can hold option to get tiny fine adjustments. But my user with the enlightening (and accessible) requests isn’t using a host that can do that… and needed to have much, much finer adjustments on tap.

So, now Hermepass has a companion, HermeTrim. This is exactly the same as EveryTrim, only it’s 1.5 dB plus and minus. It’s more a mastering tool: make tiny little tweaks to get the master just right. EveryTrim will sound just as good, but this one’s geared towards non-mixing purposes. Hope you like it.

Also, it’s a chance to test out a different view of Airwindows for an interesting reason: I am gearing up to do a music-making stream where I dig into some of my inspirations, and try to come up with a new sound for things. When I say inspirations, I mean ‘analog gear’, and I’ve built up a studio setup that might shed some light on why I do plugins the way I do. If my plugins enter into this, it’ll be hosted in Renoise most likely: it’s been months and years getting all this up and working, and the studio mix runs through the Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulator before being sent to Twitch… where I will be live (at some point), at

I will not be offended at giving live support for Airwindows stuff on such occasions, though I might be preoccupied with trying to get twin Bastl Kastles to patch into strange places on twin Xoxboxes. I did say that I was into the analog thing, and I think this preoccupation will lead to some cool-sounding techno-prog weird music. Might even play an instrument or two :)