TL;DW: Highpass2 is an unusual-sounding variable-slope highpass filter.


Much like Lowpass2… and yet, not entirely :)

So, the way the interleaved IIR filters act in Highpass is like this: the harder you filter, the more the filter rolls off the very highest frequencies. That’s because it’s like the inverse of Lowpass2. It’s got the same four poles, the same type of tone doctoring (in this case, loose and tight for what bass remains) but the way to use it might be distinct.

I think it works well for getting a subsonic roll-off (perhaps with the four poles of filtering, like a mini ToVinyl highpass) and then using the Loose option to let the bass move a little more. I found it more difficult to distinguish what the funny-named slider was doing, but it’s still intense on high settings. And it’s great for trapping in high percussion because of the clarity of the passband and the way it rolls off over 20K (or higher, if you’re at higher sample rates).

And of course, like Lowpass2, this is here to fix the limitations of the original Highpass on those very same sample rates, going from no filtering to total filtering.

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