Iron Oxide

IronOxideDemo?was the start of a whole lot! This plugin helped launch Airwindows. It’s an old school tape sim, by which I mean it’s ‘bandpassy’ and distorted. Back in the day, people considered that to be the sound of a ‘tape plugin’.

Iron Oxide was largely created as a sort of crusade. I had friends who were being given a hard time by the customer service of another plugin company, which I shouldn’t go on about but nobody would be surprised at this point to learn it was DUY.

So, the goal was to put out a Tape-alike plugin that sounded just as good or better, sell it, and SUPPORT it.

If you measure even the first Iron Oxide and compare it with its ‘inspiration’ by running sines through it—sines that ramp up and down in volume—you’ll quickly learn that Iron Oxide handles that more gracefully, without artifacts or weirdness.

Iron Oxide’s now 64 bit Intel, plus 32 bit Intel and 32 bit PPC at the same time. That’s the old version I’m talking about, plus all intermediate versions, plus the current version, all of which were given to Iron Oxide owners as free updates.

So, the ‘better support’ side of things turned out also to be not that hard :)

If you’d like this version of Iron Oxide, buy the current one and ask me for this one in email. I’ll send it.