Kicks?is… well. How do you get YOUR kicks? Probably not like this.

Kicks is…

while (nSampleFrames– > 0) { inputSample = *sourceP; sourceP += inNumChannels; tone += increment;?if (tone > pie) tone -= pie; outputSample = (inputSample * (1.0-kicks)) + (inputSample * sin(tone) * kicks); *destP = outputSample; destP += inNumChannels; }

All this does, ALL it does, is overlay a tremolo onto the sound. Not even a fancy tremolo like the Airwindows tremolo, just a straight-up sine-shaped amplitude modulation at various bassy frequencies.

The idea was that you could break up a ringy kick by vibrating this other frequency across it. Of course, you risk stepping on the attack transient that way.

Whatever. At least you got to read the main event loop. :)

Kicks declares one sample of latency.