TL;DW: Luxor is a re-release of another old Character plugin.

Hoo boy! Welcome to my nightmare. I just tried to learn how to use a LUT on my camera in OBS and unleashed the whirlwind. Nearly six hours of struggle later, I have a plugin for you, and a video, kinda.

And a message. And I’m so wrecked that I’ll keep it really brief (also, it’s in the video, which might visually disintegrate but the audio ought to hold together)

Luxor is the Character plugin that’s based off Manley impulses. It does NOT sound like a Manley anything. Instead, it does a weird and maybe cool thing: you might treat it like an amp sim or something, see what you can get out of it. Cranking syn drums through it ought to be good. It is what it is, namely ‘a weird plugin not like anything else’ and I hope you like it.

That’s the plugin. The video finally got made, after hours of struggle with my gear and a whole false start (recorded a massive echo by leaving camera mic enabled), and I think it looks OK except it might disintegrate towards the end, as the encoder I used seems to have been a disaster (won’t do THAT again). So, what’s the message?

You know I use Patreon. But you might not know that I’ve had some people bail off it, or dial it back a lot, because of coronavirus troubles. There’s a lot going on right now. It might not be reasonable to expect to keep that sort of thing going, for a pile of free plugins.

So I’m overhauling the whole thing. Plugins are now $20 rather than $50. And I set up all new tiers, and hid the old ones, so you are encouraged to reconsider what you’re committing to my Patreon and if you were actually thinking of it as ‘this one plugin that is my secret weapon’, well, that is an open invitation to dial your Patreon WAY BACK. Take care of yourself. I will let you guys know if I am in trouble: for right now, I’m not. I can stand it. Re-adjust what you’re doing in light of the massive ‘price cut’ (for stuff that is free anyway) and look more after yourself for a while. I already saw a waver, a dip in the Patreon. I’m no longer going to be ‘almost top 50 worldwide in the Music category, on Patreon’. So be it. Let me show you what Airwindows is really about: I’ll keep working FOR you even while you can’t do anything for me, and I’ll tighten my belt and buy fewer synthesizer parts and we’ll both get through this! And we’ll look back on it and go, damn. Those were tough times.

I’m not joking. Cut back your patronage if for ANY REASON you need to take care of yourself. I am planning for a really major cut-back and will keep on working regardless. You’ll be back if we get through these tough times. Let me show you who I am.

Also, let me post this (including the possibly screwed-up video) and go have dinner ‘cos work did not let me rest for way too many hours.

Hope you like Luxor.