Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulator



No, seriously, I have! Watch the video and you can construct one too! You’ll need an XLR cable, a transformer (like a 600 ohm telephone transformer with three windings), some little diodes like stompboxes use for clipping, and a teeny capacitor. Two of everything, for stereo. You’ll want a soldering iron (if needed, I can make a How To Solder video) and either a multimeter, or in a pinch, guitar cables and some kind of amp (as shown in the video). With these, you too can build what I’ve built.

This is a real thing. It’s inspired by the $3500 Gyraf Audio G21 “Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum”. That is much better than this, much like a vintage Klon Centaur is much better than a modern MXR Distortion+ bought off Amazon.

But, you probably can’t have a Gyraf Audio Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum (or a vintage Klon Centaur). And if you could, you’re probably not watching my videos. But you can have a magneto-dynamic infundibulator! And what’s more, you can use it: the homebrew version performs very respectably considering its humble origins. It leaves a lot out, but since you’re homebuilding it, you can experiment and see how many features of the Infundibulum you can incorporate. This device follows consistent principles, which I explain. It’s all in the video!

This sort of thing is supported by my Patreon. Support that, and I will construct again! I’m not sure if I’ll end up with anything quite this impressive, but let it be known that I’ve never been only about the software and plugins. I’ve developed everything from stompboxes to speaker designs (the SubKick video shows glimpses of some speakers I’ve made, you might not have noticed what they are since they’re so huge and strange) and I would love to bring my patrons along for the ride :)