MineSpace?is something a bit out of the ordinary: a game ambiance reverb for Let’s Plays.

It came about because I did some Minecraft Let’s Plays, and was interested in applying reverb in giant caves and such. However, normal reverbs tended to be far too strong, and stereo reverb didn’t match well with the twisting, turning nature of gameplay… and there was no way to tell a reverb plugin to pan according to what the video footage showed.

What I settled on was MineSpace. It runs dual mono, very very faintly. If you crank it way up you can just about hear it on speakers (on headphones, it’s easier) and on defaults it’s largely subliminal. Because it’s dual-mono, reverb trails sort of chase sound positioning, in an unrealistic way but one that I think distracts less than the presentation of a single fixed space.

You can’t turn it up, it’s strictly grab-and-go. Just a hint of deep ambience behind the game audio… but a nice touch in post-production, before rendering videos. I recommend it for all manner of podcasting and videomaking… and if you think it’s too quiet, trust me, I may be saving you from a rookie mistake :)