Monitoring (Redux)

TL;DW: Monitoring is your one-stop shop for final 2-buss work!

Oh, hey, new camera! And I bent my glasses so they don’t blind you! (They still work for reading stuff though!)

But also… new MONITORING. So this outright replaces the previous one, ‘cos they’re basically the same, but with the following changes:

-Aurat now has mono-summed versions that come out of either the left or right speaker, so you can get a true mono grot-box single speaker mix check even if you don’t have one
-Phone’s now mono (no special single-speaker tricks, it’s more an afterthought but sure enough, you don’t normally get stereo cellphones)
-TWO new Cans algorithms, Cans C and Cans D.

Cans C is just ‘stronger, but basically still normal’, as requested. Cans D is something else again. It’s for really messing up the stereo, like when someone wanted to listen to old Beatles tracks and ‘fix’ the weird dual-mono mix (which I don’t normally approve of). But, since it uses SUCH a strong allpass stereo crossfeed, what you get has also got some characteristics of Peaks, without the exaggerations. So, if you can’t work with Peaks or find it disorienting, there’s a new ‘headphones energy redistributor’ in town and this one attacks exaggerated stereo too. Try it out and see what you think!

Patreon pays for a lot: it helps me upgrade my gear so people can take my operation more seriously. But it also leads to other stuff: not only all the livestreams, but also side-projects that can bring you new stuff in their own right. I’ve been building eurorack-module kits. I made four Radio Musics (also known as Chord Organs) and they all work great. Not only can I put out dedicated drum samples that are dithered correctly for the Radio Music (current ones are OK at rhythmic sample triggering, especially if you’re doing a backbeat that might lay behind the click anyway), but I’ll tell you now that I am going to be trying to write alternate firmware for the Chord Organ/Radio Music platform. Because they’re soooo nifty, and very affordable if you can solder up a kit. And I’m still aiming to do things with the Axoloti… so those of you who build stuff, that is your cue to take interest in the Radio Music and Axoloti if you’re not already interested.

Much like émilie of Mutable Instruments, what I’m doing is compatible with other people running with it. So, look on it this way: if you support Airwindows so that I make some kind of amazing firmware with stuff that you could then turn around and design a faceplate for and build yourself and sell… hey, win/win as far as I’m concerned. I’ve done a lot towards trying to manufacture hardware but it’s becoming clear that I’d rather be a lighthouse: nothing would make me happier than to see my ideas out there getting used. (And since it’s all open source it keeps ya honest if you do mean to go into business on the back of my stuff: if you can, so can someone else, so be good! :) )

Talk to you later (or indeed sooner, as in ‘Monday at 11:00 AM EST’ for my Q&A stream!)