TL;DW: My old Neve emulation from 2007

I’m super sick today with a high fever, so I gotta keep this real short so I can go rest. (may or may not be showing up in livestreams Monday and Tuesday: thing about Tuesday is, technically I can just set my modular synth playing and let it run, since it’s got so much self-composing stuff in it now)

Neverland is my old Neve emulation from 2007. It’s out of the Character collection, and I’m re-releasing these in 64 bit and VST because there are people asking me to do that. If I make it exactly like how it was, you can open old mixes and retain the settings you had, so the Character plugins are kept exactly the same (though they do get denormalization fixes, and the dithering to 32 bit floating point where applicible).

Hope you like it. I’m going to go and rest :)