TL;DW: The Airwindows deep noise oscillator, as a sound reinforcer.


Here’s a post from airwindows-land, just to show you I’m still working ;)

Noise started out as a plugin called Voice Of The Starship. It’s an algorithm that generates brownian-motion noise which won’t ‘wander’ into excessive DC offset, but without a highpass filter needed! The original Voice Of The Starship can be made to do any sort of deep rumble, including purely subsonic rumble that still works as an audio stream. When that one comes out, it’s definitely going to the open source repo.

Oh, did I mention? Airwindows Open Source is live. That’s been taking a lot of my effort as I’ve tried to provide the templates I use to make plugins, AND several basic starter plugins ‘as shipped’ (when my stuff goes OSS it’s strictly as I made it without alterations, but the templates should be customized so you can use them as yourself and not me)

And it’s still not really complete, and I won’t be able to help people get plugins compiling on their systems as that’s my nemesis in the first place, but it’s a start!

And I’ve also been putting in a LOT of work on a project (inspired greatly by Bastl) for helping people DIY Eurorack synth modules. I have some straight-up awesome ideas for Euro-stuff, including things people can do themselves, and I’m scheming up ways to get the necessary parts into your hands provided you can solder things together (always good). I want to get people making stuff for less than $100. You should be able to have a Eurorack hacker kit for very little money, and all the information you’d need to do as I do and make large amounts of stuff.

Thanks to a year (and more!) of Patreon, I’ve got just enough resources to run with this and learn what’s good, and even get into stuff out of my childhood. I had a Radio Shack Concertmate Moog when I was a kid. Now, I got my first Mother32, and am hot on the trail of the impending DFAM (which I think is going to be the ultimate modular kick for reasons I’ll explain later, having to do with both the sound of the thing and details on how the Moog sequencer tempo stuff works), and yeah: I’m exhausted. I have plugins ready to come out (including PurestDrive!) but I’ve had an awful lot going on (second funeral for Mom, and my gray cat is approaching the end of her life), and in some ways I’m taking refuge in this new stream of work. I think you’ll be interested. One thing about it, if it works we’ll suddenly be moving past the same old Airwindows demo music, in a good way.

Oh, right, Noise. Noise is like Voice Of The Spaceship, except it also triggers on input sounds. It can pretty closely track rhythms coming in, and you can combine it with underlying stuff with Dry/Wet, and the Distance control applies to both Dry AND Wet, to blend and darken them together.

Hope you like it, and next week I’ll give you a whole new take on Groove Wear (out of ToVinyl). :)