PhaseNudge?is a free allpass for phase rotation, such as matching dissimilar mics or adjusting the upfrontness of a track. Higher values rotate the attack farther back behind the body of the sound.?

An allpass filter is a part of many reverb algorithms. It’s like a little delay widget set a certain way, that will pass all frequencies you send through it, but pass them at different speeds, blurring the result. You don’t usually get an allpass filter as a standalone plugin, so now you do: have fun with it!

Possible uses are putting it on pads to blur them, softening snare drums, backing vocals, in general anything that should be more blurry and diffuse.

PhaseNudge uses code from Console to deepen its sound, so gain staging is a thing with it: if you’re overdriving it, back off on the gain.