PocketVerbsDemo?is a universal binary Audio Unit plugin (64/32/PPC) for specialty reverbs! It offers a variety of verb types, both normal and strange, and permits gating and dynamic reverb levels based on signal intensity. Dual mono for bigger mix width!

This isn’t the ‘normal’ Airwindows reverb. That’s been developed over the years, through products like FarSpace, and is now sold under the name Space, and it’s a terrific and very believable stereo reverb.

This stuff is a little different.

PocketVerbs gives you a batch of little weird reverbs and effects. They can run in mono. They can run dual-mono, which has its own merits. You can throw ’em on vocals, on stereo synth tracks, you could use ’em as a main mix verb if that pleased you: maybe weirdness works better for your mix on the whole, maybe there’s just an element in there which could use something different.

Chamber is an airy, verby kind of space, a particular sort of artificial reverb flavor. Spring is another sort of algorithm that’s sproingier and might show you a dub sort of feel. Tiled is on the bright side, Room is much darker and more tightly tied to the raw sound, and then there’s the really weird ones: Stretch acts like a plugin Paulstretch only more edgy, and Zarathustra gives you huge ambient swells of distant sound (just run a horn through it and you’ll soon see why it got that name).

Then, on top of that, there’s the gating section, letting you trap the reverb effect in to the envelope of the original sound, or some variation on it. Instant drum thickness! This makes PocketVerbs instantly useful on individual drum tracks. You can totally redefine a mix element without muddying everything else.

You have to try it and see. None are really ‘good and correct’ digital reverbs. But they’re a very fun bag of tricks, six strikingly different tonalities in one, and then you bring in the gating… Who knows what evils lurk in the heart of PocketVerbs?

This is also the first product for which I ever made a video (and it shows!)

PocketVerbs is $50.