TL;DW: Podcast is a simpler pile of curve-style compressors with hard clipping.


Here’s the followup to PodcastDeluxe, as promised. Podcast is the same technique, multiple compressors that are the precursor to curve and Recurve, but simplified: without the phase rotators, without the full-on attempt to do ‘radio broadcast’ style tricks.

This also means Podcast can have a dry/wet control, because there aren’t any phase rotations delaying things. In fact, Podcast runs no latency and can work very well as a ‘glue’ style buss compressor… so long as you don’t want ‘pumping and swelling’ effects, or sidechainy whooshes of level. That’s because Podcast is still in the curve school of compressors and quits changing levels if the input goes silent.

It also hard-clips the output, making it a kind of ‘safety compressor’: though it’s not clean like a limiter, it’ll strike a balance between dynamics processor and distortion device. You can use it on drums and things meant to be aggressively smashed, or turn it way down and use it as a clean buss comp.

Treat this as another flavor of compressor from Airwindows, and see if it finds uses for you. The greater simplicity of Podcast (much like PodcastDeluxe, heavily updated from the original versions) makes it more adaptable to different purposes, while it remains simple and un-fiddly, delivering its effects with whatever intensity and blend you like. :)

If you like it, ask yourself if you’d have paid $50 for this (or any other recent plugin of mine) if I was selling them in the normal manner. If so, you should feel good about zipping over to Patreon and joining for $50 a year (or upping your amount if you’re really enthusiastic). People doing this have let me do things like buy 1000 tiny LEDs for 2 cents each, and if I can do that then I can work out ways to bring things like hardware kits to you, just as generously. And that sounds like fun!