PodcastDemo? is a pair of AU universal binary plugins for radio-type broadcast processing, simplified to the point of being drop-in one-stop fixes for your podcasting or video production needs. You pick between Podcast and Podcast Deluxe, throw it on your voiceover track (recorded with good headroom) and enjoy managed voice levels without a lot of zooming background noise.

It works by tying its release speed to waveform voltage level. Given silence, Podcast will just sit there with its level locked off. It only adjusts when there’s something to adjust with. This also helps it hang on to a smoother voice tonality, as it’s not manipulating levels during delicate sounds or zero crossings. Podcast has no latency, so you can try it out on live performances, and it doesn’t use excessive ‘radio broadcast’ techniques like phase rotation, so you can try it on music mixes and lead vocal tracks: at high gains it should produce a really aggressively compressed sound.

Podcast Deluxe is the same thing, except with built-in phase rotation for more of an FM radio announcer type sound. It’ll apply a particular sort of gloss that might better suit some content such as voice-overs, and may lend itself to processing background harmony vocals. A certain amount of immediacy is lost from the phase rotation (done in several stages at a carefully calculated ratio for optimum gloss) but a whole other texture is gained, and you get it free as part of the package.
Whether it’s graceful level balancing with the ‘extra boost’ totally off, strong clear signal with the default setting of 0.1, or serious aggressive loudness at higher settings, Podcast (and Podcast Deluxe) could be your go-to voice processor!

Podcast is $50.