TL;DW: PodcastDeluxe is a pile of compressors (curve style) and phase rotators.


I’ll be quick as everything was weird today: recorded video in a big thunderstorm, and then when I was ready to upload it, YouTube broke. I very nearly posted the plugin anyhow, without video, in order to say I was more dependable than Google, but that’s tempting fate (and maybe not such an ambitious boast?) I’m slightly more accessible than Google, I’ll say that.


PodcastDeluxe is the precursor to curve, along with its counterpart Podcast. Both of them have five curve-like compressors in series (slightly less refined), but PodcastDeluxe has five phase rotators and an ADClip-style output stage. The idea is that it would be radio station style processing. The reason it didn’t show up sooner is that it didn’t really work to my satisfaction. It’s still not perfect, but it’s different! I demonstrate it on house-type music, and on raw drums. It’s not really clean, not really dirty, not really squish-capable thanks to the curve-style compression (even five stages doesn’t give you ‘compression pumping’) but it’ll give a perhaps interesting, definitely processed-sounding effect.

Maybe you’ll like it on a mix because you’re not fussy about distorting, maybe you’ll find some useful place for it elsewhere. I think it’s got a knack for high-impact drum busses without distorting them too obviously. At any rate, there’s nothing quite like it. Enjoy!

People are fretting about how I keep up a weekly schedule and sometimes begging me to take a breather: OK, next week can be the other Podcast, which is done (more intense gain, no phase rotators, dry/wet: this one can’t have dry/wet because of the phase rotators so it doesn’t produce sensible results). But the thing is, I can do a plugin a week (and sometimes they’re really good) because thanks to Patreon I am doing Airwindows full-time. Really, that’s been the case for many years but thanks to Patreon I can be full-time (no other jobs) AND give the plugins away for free, and not have to punish people when they have a rough patch and can’t pay me. I consider that a big advantage over DRMing stuff and turning your plugins off if you don’t keep throwing money. Just remember, the throwing of money buys me coffee and food and shelter and lets me dedicate my full attention to plugins and audio. I am very grateful that I can do that :)