TL;DW: PowerSag2 is my improved circuit-starve plugin, now with inverse effect!


This is PowerSag (my circuit-power-supply-starve plugin), but the internals are coded differently for more efficiency on modern CPUs, it gets twice as much maximum effect range (which will help if you’re using it at high sample rates) and it now has an inverse/wet control. That means that you can hear what’s being taken AWAY (which is typically a grungey, gatey effect) and fade into that if it helps you get more meat into some of your sounds.

Expect more innovations like this as I revisit compressy-type effects: it’s a heck of a good feature to add to any dynamics processor. I can’t do ’em all at once (and I’m a bit tapped out keeping up with everything including the Evergreens podcast for patrons) but it’ll keep me busy :)

I’m still here working full-time because of Patreon, otherwise I would have had to stop. Thank you, everyone who’s kicked in to support Airwindows… and everyone who simply gets the word out… and everyone who’s really struggling and can’t afford tools or plugins and who has let ME help YOU. Because that’s really important to me, otherwise I would’ve gone to work at a bank or something :D