TL;DW: Precious is a re-release of another old Character plugin.

So this is pretty straightforward: another Character re-issue, now free and open source and available in VST form. Woot!

Might serve as a good color-adder, or fake guitar amp? Based on Precision 8 impulses, but it’s turned into very much its own thing: I think this became Holo in the Busscolors plugins. In the original form, here, you can crank up the color intensity a lot, or distort the hell out of it.

Most of my attention has been taken up, today, by putting out the Airwindows Psych LUTs: I not only put out the first gradiated set of custom Airwindows LUTs (for videomakers, photographers, anybody needing a visual ‘plugin’) but I also made nearly an hour of video walking you through how to do just that in an image editor. The idea is to put tools in the hands of people, and how better than to talk you through the whole LUT creation process so you can experiment yourself, and then use your own creation in a free program like OBS? But I also made available the Psych set and explained what that’s about.

So, Precious is just there for you as another free plugin… and a way for me to mention a whole other world of creativity I’m beginning to supply. There ain’t no LUT forums, so far as I know, so consider that my ‘one more thing’… and I hope you like both that, and Precious.

All this is supported by Patreon, and I’m beginning to see some of my grander goals look more realistic. Key word is ‘Soldercore’: get your soldering iron handy, or get yourself one. We’re going to make stuff :)