Pressure3 is my second try at improving Pressure, an early compressor plugin of mysterious power. It took me many years to learn the secrets of Pressure. I started to work it out when I developed PurestDrive and saw what happened when a plugin’s sonic payload was delivered in a single multiply to the otherwise untouched input data word. And I’d developed techniques like an internal 80-bit audio buss, and noise shaping to return that to the 32-bit CoreAudio buss…

Pressure3 brings all those improvements to the tone while leaving the ‘magic’ compression behavior totally unaltered from the original. It’s well worth checking out, and as with Pressure before it, it’s free.

But there’s more! Unlike the original, this one has a video demo! If the weird behavior of excessive Speed or the strange ‘μ-iness’ control have left you wondering, now there’s a video demo where these things are explained. It might take a little mind-stretching to wrap your head around a control that fades from squashy Fairchild to punchy New York parallel compression (while not being exactly either), but it’s well worth doing. And as with the best of my freebies, Pressure3 is absolutely as good tone-wise as any of the for-pay plugins, not compromised in any way. The idea is that you might find other things to also want, it’s not to make you compelled to ante up in order to get the ‘real tone’. Pressure3 is as real as they come, in its peculiar way.

Hope you like it!