PurestAirDemo is a universal binary Audio Unit plugin for enhancing treble up near the Nyquist limit! It specifically tweaks that sonic area, wherever it is, with special Airwindows algorithms. The idea is to get ‘air band’ boost without the coloration of a normal equalizer, and in line with the Purest style of plugins it’s done with a really simple and elegant algorithm.

There’s also an ‘Air Limit’ control, and what this does is kick the previous control down if the energy gets too high. It’s not properly a de-esser by itself, but it does work to moderate the brightness effect. You can use it without air-band boost, to function as a tone softener.

PurestAir is really clean and maintains the tone quality of what’s passing through it, adding little color of its own. Part of the secret to that is the way it operates relative to the Nyquist limit. What that means is, PurestAir is a different plugin depending on what sample rate you use. If you’re at 44.1K it’ll have the most obvious effect as it’ll be working at around 22K. If you’re at 48K, it’ll center on 24K and so on. Still functional at 96K (with a boost at 48K but some effect in the audio band), probably no longer useful on 192K. Be aware that this isn’t a normal EQ algorithm and is dependent on your sample rate.

PurestAir is $50.