TL;DW: Optimized Airwindows echo with a twist!


Here’s a nice little addition to the Purest line of Airwindows plugins (minimal, stripped down, extremely deep and rich tone in simple and uncompromised ways).

PurestEcho gives you four echoes, sample-averaged to deliver extremely precise timing, each with its own tap. That means you can use it as a delay line and set up discrete echoes which then stop completely: no feedback, only a series of trailing echoes which then get out of the way and don’t mud up your mix. Or you can use it for just a single slapback (use the last, for the longest delay time). Or, you can set up odd effects like increasing volume slapbacks, or use of only certain taps.

Or, you can get a tone that’s part of the 90s: turn all the delay taps on full and then set the delay time really short. You’ll find there’s a tightly controlled pipe-like honk that emphasizes a musical tone… sort of a Dalek-like robot-like thing… and you can play this using the slider. Note: this slider is NOT smoothed, because it’s smashing the buffer anyway, but more importantly if you’re programming in a bassline using this effect you’d need it to abruptly switch frequencies. So think of it as something you’d play via control automation, not so much through live entry on the slider.

Between that and the ability to throw a big rich echo that fakes ‘feedback’ but then gets right out of the way, I think PurestEcho will find its way into peoples’ workflows. I hope you like it :)

My work’s paid for via Patreon, which is going nicely: if I reach the $700 mark, which could happen even this month, in upcoming months I’ll not only release the next ‘greatest hit’ (ToTape is up next!), but I’ll also pick one from the bottom of the list that’s less (in total sales) than what the Patreon is at. By definition that immediately makes plugins like StarChild, Golem, PurestWarm, and PocketVerbs possible, plus some favorites of my own like ElectroHat. (there’s another Patreon goal where I’m still releasing stuff from the bottom of the list, but it’s YOU guys picking it :) at that point, Aura and OneCornerClip will be within reach…)

I’ll get to work on the latest ToTape, and if all goes well I will have another little nifty plug next week while I work on ToTape. Thank you for being there for me! :)