PurestGain?is by request of some friends who really liked PurestDrive! It’s a free universal binary Audio Unit and it’s a gain trim plugin. That’s all.

…well, unless you count that it’s running the same 80 bit internal processing buss that PurestDrive has, the same noise shaping to the CoreAudio 32 bit internal buss, the same total refusal to produce any quantization distortion ever, and on top of that since it’s a gain plugin it also is running a smoothing algorithm to completely eliminate zipper noise from adjusting the control, even.

So basically, this freebie is the most ultimate ‘analog’ gain knob anybody could ever want, because some people loved the sound of PurestDrive so much they wanted a simple gain control just as uncompromising, and I made it a freebie. If this proves useful or just makes you happy to know your gain trim is beyond reproach, try PurestDrive. And be sure to get either Ditherbox, or the freebie DitherTo, so you can audition this stuff while dithering to 24 bit for your monitoring and high resolution file making needs! Just because stuff can happen around the 32 bit float quantizing (which is a 24 bit word and a mantissa, remember) that shows up over 24 bit audio, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be dithering every time you go to fixed point :)