TL;DW: PurestSquish is an open-sounding compressor with bass bloom.


This time, the video’s enormously long so I’ll be brief: PurestSquish is a compressor, with its own sound. In the video I compare it to Pressure4, Logical4, and SurgeTide, and also show how it can be used in conjunction with SurgeTide (a real ‘sleeper’ plugin not easily understood) to produce amazingly transparent dynamics control.

I also spend some time torturing it with sine sweeps, showing how Pressure and Logical are more like ‘analog emulations’ and produce harmonics, while PurestSquish instead does a weird thing when you turn off and on signal generators. So if you’re looking for ways to say ‘this is broken forever!’ watch those parts of the video :)

If this doesn’t worry you, PurestSquish also has a bass bloom control that lets you pass subsonics or bass notes through uncompressed, to taste. If it does worry you, chalk it up to PurestSquish running simultaneous two-and-three-sample-interleaved compressors, much like Capacitor runs two-and-three-sample-interleaved filters, and use one of the other compressors I’ve put out, perhaps one of the three also featured in this video.

Patreon is the reason I’m able to do stuff like this, including this weird trick of releasing odd plugin designs that other people don’t let you have (for very legitimate reasons). I wouldn’t be able to put out PurestSquish as it is, under strictly commercial conditions: I’d have to sand the rough edges off, and that might ruin it (much like the bugfixes for the original Console5 fixed the tendency to DC offset at the cost of its special tone, resulting in re-issuing of the rawest original version later). In this case, PurestSquish ought to be good under most conditions, but it’s one of those plugins where the magic tone comes at a cost, so if it starts throwing 15K artifacts at you, consider using one of the other compressors for that sound. And don’t feed it test tones after midnight :)