TL;DW: Subtle tone shaper and warmth adder.


Because my Patreon was over $700 this last month, we get a special extra plugin this week.

PurestWarm is a little bit like PurestDrive (anxiously awaited by quite a few people) but not quite as sophisticated… however, in its simplicity is part of its usefulness. It applies an Airwindows softest-possible-saturation effect (like what you can get out of Density, or Channel) but it’s polarized: you pick which side of the waveform the saturation applies to. For the other half of the waveform, it’ll pass through the exact bits that came in. So it’s half a plugin: I’m not sure there’s ever been anything quite like that, on one half of the wave a full Airwindows (noise shaped to floating point) ultra-quality saturation, and on the other half of the wave, ‘bypass’ and literal bit-identical pass-through. I made sure even the noise shaping wasn’t applying for the ‘bypass’ half.

The result is this: waveforms that need a little sweetening, can have that texture (not frequency or EQ, texture) subtly added to the track, in a way that utterly and totally maintains the integrity of the signal. In some ways this is ‘purer’ than any of the other Purest line, since by its nature it’s true bypass for literally half the time. It’s also one of the minimal ones, with just a switch: there’s no way to get the perfect integration of bypass and effected halves (they switch off like a push-pull power amp) otherwise, and it produces an obvious enough effect but one that’s harmonious and doesn’t get in the way. In some circumstances it hints at being like a ‘bass optimizer’ since it’ll push some second harmonic by its nature. You’ll probably find that for any given sound (especially an electric bass guitar) there’ll be one polarity that’s clearly better: I think for basses where the string swings near the pickup and produces extra voltage on that side of the wave, PurestWarm will saturate that side of the wave really well and it’ll give you an ideal bass tone with no extra fiddling or processing required.

It’s going to be a good holiday season, I have nice things in store. If you would like ME to have a good holiday season and you’re not already hooked up with my Patreon, consider it like a sort of ginormous sale: for years, I sold these plugins at $50 each to Mac Audio Unit users only. Now, I’ve got ’em coming out in great profusion, dozens and dozens and all manner of new things and PC VST too, and if you were to join the Patreon at $1 a month, that’s $12 a year, the equivalent of buying one every four years. Except you get to use them all with my blessing. If you wanted to treat it like you were buying one of the plugins each year (and still getting to use them all) you’d pay $4 a month, $48 a year, and it would still be two dollars off from what they used to cost. I’m more interested in having people give what they can, though, because I know what it’s like to be fussing over a dollar a month: right now, it’s me in that position, so obviously I understand better than anybody.

However, there’s a special kind of wealth in being able to generously give to the community that’s found a place for me and appreciates my coding (if not my music! :D ). I hope you like PurestWarm, and there’s a lot more where that came from. And we’re going to have a fun holiday season, let me just say :)