RawGlitters Redux

TL;DW: Just the quantization from StudioTan, specifically the BitGlitters brightener.


This came out more interesting than I expected! Mostly it’s a maintenance release: adding the 16/24 switch and DeRez to RawGlitters.

RawGlitters is the early non-dither I made that does the opposite of Dither Me Timbers: rather than do a precursor of Dark and find the mellowest, smoothest truncation option, RawGlitters (StudioTan) always tries to find the direction to truncate that is going to accentuate the highs the most. It still only truncates, and works like a dither would. You can leave DeRez off, and at either 24 or 16 bit you’ll find it gives a distinct tone to your 24 or 16 bit output. It really lights up the detail of the track, always in a subtle way right down at the noise floor.

But when you start using it as a bit-crusher? Yowsa. You might not like it, but boy is it ever a distinct flavor out of bitcrushing. It’s sort of like regular aggressive bitcrushing, except that it zeroes in on the super-highs and just BLASTS them. It can gate to silence, but I found that it’ll blast noise and sonic artifacts just as easily, so using it in a track might involve automating the track a bit if you don’t want it getting very industrial at you.

If grating and industrial sounds like your cup of tea, then you’re welcome: because this surprised me with how unexpectedly great it was at that task. There are some folks who will run screaming from this plugin. I’m delighted to know there are some folks for whom, I have just made their day :) you’ll know pretty quickly which camp you’re in!

All this is supported by my Patreon and the better that does, the more freedom I have to do more interesting things and expand my horizons. I’m looking forward to a really interesting Fall and Winter, as I’m getting some new streaming concepts together. We’re gonna build some DIY synths, on a massive scale. Can’t wait :)