Sable?is like a really early, failed CStrip. It’s got a lowpass and highpass like CStrip, and two peaks. The thing is, these peaks are very narrow and only work in the midrange, and the lowpass and highpass don’t sound as good as CStrip’s.

So, Sable isn’t really a very good general purpose EQ, much less a mastering or mixbuss EQ. It uses the same resonance techniques as ResEQ (a custom convolved wave based on analog filters, not digital filters), so it does have some qualities to recommend it.

Use Sable if you’d like to use the peaks to liven up something in the midrange with a big colorful narrow boost, while also radically highpassing or lowpassing the tone. But bear in mind, Sable kinda overprocesses, so its tone is not going to be as rich as the better Airwindows designs.