SampleDelay?is?the only sample delay with negative delay, allowing you to nudge things slightly ahead of the beat, as well as behind! It’s free from Airwindows, and also includes sub-sample interpolation so you can nudge things even more subtly.

Yes, it’s really negative delay, but it’s done by a trick: unlike many Airwindows plugins, this one declares a bunch of latency. That’s how it works: tell the DAW there’s a bunch of latency and then delay up to twice as much as it declared. That way you can delay, or anti-delay by not delaying as much as that, or claim there’s a bunch of latency and then not delay at all, causing the track to play ‘in the future!’

Or you could slide it in the arrange window. It’s just hard to slide a track by half a sample in the arrange window, hence this utility plugin freebie.

SampleDelay declares 1024 samples of latency, so I don’t recommend tracking through it. It’s a mixing tool only.