ShortBuss was a very interesting experiment.

The idea was to build a mix buss that did not ‘slam’, but added fullness. This was done by measuring how much was being saturated in a very soft and gentle overdrive, saving that up, and applying it as second harmonic so the fullness wasn’t lost. There’s also acceleration limiting present, like you get in ToVinyl. Lastly, it was one of the first serious Airwindows ‘no controls’ plugins, long before Console or Mudslide existed.

This early, the technology wasn’t totally there. It misbehaves on some content, and the bass can get out of hand. But, years later, everything ShortBuss was trying to achieve came true—in the plugin Righteous.

If you’d like to play on the ShortBuss, buy Righteous and ask me for ShortBuss in email. I’ll send it to you.