TL:DW; Highpass on the side channel. Utility plug.


This one was by request. It’s not very fancy, but I hope it’ll come in handy. If it is, spread the word!

I’ve got a plugin called ToVinyl, which is rather fancy. It’s the Airwindows attempt at a vinyl mastering suite: elliptical EQ, highpass on the mid to help get levels, an acceleration limiter to tame sudden energy spikes without really cutting brightness otherwise, and even a groove wear modeler that was the precursor to Airwindows Aura. That’s one of the Kagi for-pay plugins, number 9 on the list when I reach $800 a month and begin doing those.

But, I got asked for something much simpler. A highpass filter on just the side channel, and one that would go up the full range from subs to highs, so at full crank it’d be purely mono.

Well, I’ve altered that a teeny bit: Sidepass is aware of sample rates, so if you’re at a 0.1 setting at 44.1K, it ought to be doing the same thing at 0.1 at 96K. But apart from that, here’s a little utility for AU, Mac and PC VST that just highpasses the side, from DC to 22K. It’s an Airwindows filter, same as what’s in Density and Drive as a highpass, and it ought to do nicely.

My work’s supported by Patreon, steadily growing as I keep on working. (My Patreon is new-ish but I’m not—I’ve been at this ten years, no sense stopping now!) If you’d like to see the fancier, for-pay plugins start to come out as free AU/VST too, join up for a buck a month (more if you’re flush) and we will eventually get there, without inconveniencing any one musician too badly! Patreon is a lot less lucrative than trying to make that one killer plugin, but it’s steady and it’s growing and I’m committed to the open/free model :)