Single Ended Triode

SingleEndedTriodeDemo?is a universal binary AU plugin with three separate unusual and useful modes of distortion. Asymmetrical, class AB and class B. A versatile sonic seasoning kit completely under your control!

This is a great toolkit for tone shaping, because it offers such different styles of ‘circuitry tone’. You almost certainly will want to use only one at a time, so they’re coded to not even take effect unless engaged (a technique that ended up being very important in Airwindows plugins).

Single-Ended Triode is a super-smooth even-harmonic generator. You can use this to sweeten anything, much like running into a triode tube!

Class AB Distortion adds nonlinearity around the crossover point, but more smoothly. This one is deadly when used with dirty guitars or grungy Hammond organs: it’s a mode of distortion you just don’t find in typical plugins, especially not in the ‘more smoothly’ form. It’s more like salt than sweetness, you won’t need much.

Class B Distortion is that, but with no smoothness. It will instantly begin throwing aggressive glitchy high tizz on things, so be careful with it. Might be useful for some EDM purposes, or to add zing to synthetic hi-hats?

Single Ended Triode is $50.