My first Windows VST (and Mac VST) port was Console4, the very latest version of the best selling plugin I’ve got (now free, supported by Patreon.)

The second one is the very first plugin I made for Airwindows (or at least the first one listed on this website).

Slew is a simple plugin to let you do slew clipping. You can use it to morph and transform percussive sounds or hats, you can give a unique and interesting ‘grind’ to instruments or glue stuff together into a retro, old-school-sampler, grungey grind, or you can use it on things like reverb sends to really amp up the sense of distant loud sound in a room or space.

It’s free, and in the zip file are an Audio Unit (.component), a Mac .vst, and 32 and 64 bit Windows VST .dlls for you.

Hope you like it! Lots more is on the way, and that’s not even counting when I reach the Patreon level that I start putting out the for-pay plugins. I have lots of Audio Unit freebies for people to enjoy, and I’m busily porting them. All of them ;)

Here is an extra video about using Slew on ITB heavy guitars, to get Tube Screamer-like qualities but in a new way.