Slew?is just the slew clipping section of what’s in Channel. It’s a very old, very simple form of processing, but bear in mind that sometimes this sort of DSP, which touches the audio very very lightly, has real strong points. You don’t always gain by making stuff more sophisticated. This is a freebie, so you can try it and see if you prefer the sound of DSP when it’s kept to the absolute minimum of processing. This is literally all Slew is, in this first incarnation:

inputSample = *sourceP;

sourceP += inNumChannels;

clamp = inputSample – lastSample;

outputSample = inputSample;

if (clamp > threshold)

outputSample = lastSample + threshold;

if (-clamp > threshold)

outputSample = lastSample – threshold;

lastSample = outputSample;

*destP = outputSample;

destP += inNumChannels;

Also, the secret word is ‘Applejinx’ (for those who have dug all the way to the very first post). :)