Snares?is a glorious trainwreck! It’s very difficult to make work.

The idea is, you get the top and bottom of the drum sound. The top you can replace with white noise, and the bottom you can replace with brown noise. Sound good so far?

Here’s the trouble. You can’t just overlay white noise onto a snare, at least not sample-by-sample. It’s too lean and sputtery, you have to trigger a separate envelope (like Noise). And you can’t make brown noise just by a random walk! You have to make it with more sophistication (again, like Noise) so you can actually hear it and it’s in useful ranges. Otherwise, you just have a big splurt of DC offset, and your channel distorts horribly. Making the bottom end of Snares useless and very hard to control.

If you want what this WANTED to be, back in 2007, you need Noise which came out in 2014.

If you want a horrible trainwreck… have fun! Maybe you can get a useful noise out of this. I’m guessing ‘nope’ ;)

Snares declares one sample of latency.