Space Odyssey

SpaceOdyssey?means I’m really dating myself! ;)

This is the plugin that lets you go back in time and present music to people on Myspace. The popup menu gives you four options:

Source/Dry is what you’re supposed to have, normal digital audio.

Source/Wet is how you’d export your stuff to make into an mp3 for mySpace. It’s filtered to cope with what Myspace did to it, plus there’s a sort of ‘air boost’ you could sadly resort to.

Chopped/Dry is what Myspace would give you. They literally encoded every other sample, to save data. These days we get cranky if youtube isn’t streaming 1080p smoothly!

Chopped/Wet is what you’d do mix adjustments and stuff through. It let you hear the vague benefit of the filtering the way you’d hear it over Myspace, and you could adjust stuff to try to compensate for the loss of everything over 11K.

Enough, it’s too horrible. Doff your hat for those of us who lived through those literally dark (and grungy) times, and use DeRez if you want to sample rate chop (or indeed, buy BitGlitter). SpaceOdyssey is too depressing to contemplate. Once, music was seen to be THAT.

SpaceOdyssey declares seven samples of latency.