SpaceDemo?is the latest Airwindows algorithmic reverb, set up to work like the first hardware digital reverbs, and giving more spatial depth than typical digital reverbs.

It decays in a special way, like acoustic space, and has bass and treble controls that help you fit it into the mix, and liveness can be cranked up until sounds just sustain forever (it’ll distort if it gets too carried away). The sample rate settings are for fitting its primary sound into different mix environments, but you can also set the sample rate wrong to get unusual reverb effects.

There’s a calibrated pre-delay built in which roughly corresponds to Haas effect, making the reverb blend with dry signal in such a way that you can send stuff way back without blurring it undesirably (for bigger predelay, add any simple digital delay to the aux). This scales to the sample rate as well.

Space is strictly a stereo plugin, generating stereo reverb. For mono reverb, dual mono or multichannel, try PocketVerbs which is more a special effect verb: Space is about being the primary mix reverb. It takes stereo input and shows some stereo effect with hard panning, but mostly fills up the space in stereo regardless of what channel the input’s on.

Space is $50.