SpacedOut?is the ‘aliased MySpace monitoring’ section of the plugin SpaceOdyssey. This was a 2008 plugin designed to help people monitor what the MySpace audio player was going to do to their sound. At the time, MySpace was a big deal for bands and musicians, but if you uploaded music to it, your music would be played back at half sample rate to save bandwidth.

This was done by taking every other sample, which meant really heinous aliasing for any frequencies above 11K. You could combat this somewhat by filtering highs, or you could check your mix through SpacedOut to see how bad the aliasing would be. SpaceOdyssey had filtering with which you could enhance the roughly 10K area in hopes of making the result more sparkly, and it let you monitor through what’s in SpacedOut, and then switch it off to export your best attempt at something which would get through MySpace sounding acceptable.

These days, it’s SpacedOut that is left, as a sort of special effect. Use it to make stuff low-fi and trash it with aliasing, for free.

SpacedOut declares one sample of latency.