Speed-King-Izing Axis Longboards

I’m getting together a huge (18) pile of new plugins to make, including the mighty Iron Oxide 4, and also dealing with a YouTube issue where someone’s tried to copyright strike white noise generated in a ToTape4 video, and trying to fix my porch. But I’ve got time to share some drum pedal experiments with you!

This is how to make Axis longboards ‘feel’ more like Ludwig Speed King pedals, but without the squeaks and vintageness. It’s all about the geometry of the linkages, and works great: you should see right away how this works, and how it’s done. If you have questions, ask! :)

Things are looking good for May to be my first month of releasing the premium, Kagi-era plugins. As long as the Patreon is still over $600 when May begins, we’re good to go, and probably it will stay at least at that level from now on (not like I’m going to stop being Chris from Airwindows or anything ;) )

The next stages of the Patreon are reaching $800 (where I begin open-sourcing what’s been put out already, plus my templates for making all the plugins) and $1000 (where I start putting out the premium plugins TWICE as fast, two a month, on top of everything else I’m releasing). It’s exciting to see where this is going!

Hope the glimpse into lever-hacking (for that’s how you Speed-King-Ize an Axis pedal) was fun! Next one is an alternate hi-hat sound, an unusually good dark LOUD hat for roughly $43 plus a pair of tin-snips. Then the flood of new plugins resumes :)