StereoDoubler?is a tricky little plugin that’s just a little glitchy and insane.

What it does, is detune the input it’s given, so it can make one detuned copy hard right, and one hard left. There’s a dry/wet control to mix this with the input, which can be dual mono or whatever else you like (probably a mono track panned center makes the best sense)

Thing is, the technology it’s using to do this… comes from Glitch Shifter.

If you keep the detune from being too extreme, you can probably get a lovely wide spread that has real richness of tone. But if you push the detune too far, you will get pops or sputters, no question about it. So detune wisely.

Or, heck, if you want to get really seasick, go ahead and crank the detune. We all gotta have fun where we find it ;)

StereoDoubler declares one sample of latency.