I try to keep track of problems on forums where my stuff is talked about, and some of my quickest bugfixing responses have been through forum posts because I happened to be looking at the forum (I don’t use email alerts and check that more rarely, though it’s still most every day). Don’t be concerned about whether posting a bug is a problem for me, you may be sparing some other user an inconvenience! The best way to bring up a bug is publically, and I don’t want to shunt you off to some private place and hide you. That said: the number one bug inexperienced people raise is when a plugin has no interface and no controls and presents a blank space (but works fine, as intended). If there’s no interface, check whether the video also shows that plugin with no interface, and be sure it’s supposed to have controls before calling that a bug. Many times it’s intentional.


It was a great day for me when I moved to Patreon and began distributing plugins directly off, because it meant I didn’t depend entirely on email being reliable. To this day I see people upset because email they send to me doesn’t get through. This is also why, if I send something by email to a customer, I always ask for a reply to show the thing got through: whether it’s spam-trapping, networks not wanting to handle mail that’s not from other big networks, or simply networks breaking down under the strain of global spam traffic, I consider email super unreliable and likely to get worse, especially if we lose net neutrality… and remember net neutrality is only a rule and can be broken by anyone willing to test the consequences.
That said, the email chrisj at airwidnows com (please correct spelling?) reaches me, unless email between you and me is broken. I apologize for providing it in a spam-resistant form, but…


My phone number, (802) 463-4419 is largely useless to me because it’s hammered constantly by calls from people in big echoey rooms with many other people also making calls… you might have encountered this yourself. It’s a landline and I’ve had it for the whole time Airwindows has been in business, and the no-call list doesn’t really seem to work (though I don’t think it makes anything worse). There’s a chance of getting through, especially if you arrange a time to call, but that can mean getting disrupted several times a day and I have to work harder and more prolifically now, and I’m finding it hard to justify keeping my publically available phone connected.


No, I’m not suggesting you sail off to my island where I will debug your plugin problems personally while serving you coffee (that sounds great, though! Maybe someday!)
I’m just calling your attention to the fact that, yes, I AM very much ‘an island’ most of the time, and it costs me a lot more to engage than it would a normal person. As a programmer with autism who’s developing vanguard DSP and other codey-things, a simple telephone ringing can cost me the ‘state’ of a programming concept it’s taken me all morning to get together. I’m grateful for being able to communicate at all: some people like me don’t develop the skills, and I’ve been fortunate in having years to work on this communicating, both broadcast and interpersonal. When it goes well, it’s awesome. I tend to have to dedicate whole blocks of time to it, though, preferably in a schedule, and this is why I am better at videos and things than being phoned or texted (actually, though I have an old smartphone, I’ve never used texting at all and likely never will).
So you’re welcome on my ‘island’, and I’m grateful it’s of interest to others. I am only saying that the ‘island’ came first, and it’s the only way I’m able to function in this context, so if you’re running into a problem like my phone support is off, please don’t give up: try other channels, because when my channels break down it’s for a reason, not out of petulance or wanting to screw customers. It’d be nice if I had a support team who weren’t autistic to handle customer interaction, but it will probably always be personal and just me. I hope it’s an acceptable level of support, because it’s what I can provide. :)