Swappable Mega Dark Hat

Here’s another Airwindows studio post that serves two purposes. One, I’m showing you an alternate mega-dark and loud hi-hat sound (like the acoustic version of a low-fi sampled dark hat) you can make with a $50 Wuhan cymbal and some tin-snips. But it was also an experiment to see if the Xiaomi Yi camera compresses its microphone. It does not! So this is what THAT sounds like, and also this serves as a YouTube reference. The drum parts are completely smashed to hell, and YouTube is getting the raw cam footage directly. So, this will show you what YouTube is currently doing with heavily distorted audio. If they pad this, then they’re in ‘normalization mode’ and will also turn down over-loud masters. If they leave it, then they’ll accept at least brief ultra-loud content. Refer back to this video if YouTube experiments with how they transcode stuff, to see if it changes!

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