SynKick?is actually two plugins, SynKick and SkinKick. Here’s how they work.

They’re synthetic kickdrums, either tuned to a set of related intervals (SynKick) or tuned to the harmonics of a drum head (SkinKick). Put them on a kick track or anything that can trigger them, and they will fire the sine-based bassbombs when triggered. Not only that, each sine component is triggered based on its phase, so every trigger will be different tonally.

That’s the good news, now here’s why they’re freebies.

The sines are lovely and all, and the idea of distinctive sounds for each trigger is cool… but doing it that way rather than just triggering a sample is too inconsistent. The kicks aren’t quite steady enough, definitely not punchy enough. You can use them to reinforce what’s already on a kick track, and each plugin has a dry slider for that purpose. You can use them as an Airwindows programmable bassbomb. But please, don’t try to use them as the primary kick in a track, because unfortunately they are just not powerful enough. They are basically different variations on bassbombs.