Tape (Redux)

TL;DW: Tape needed to get improved. So now it is!


For a plugin that’s supposed to be the simplest, easiest, least fussy and most ultimate tape mojo ever, this sure has been through a lot of changes.

First, it came out with a quirk of level setting, where the gain trim didn’t work exactly like just altering gain into the ‘tape’. That got updated. Then, the head bump was too much for many people: really a pretty significant boost on some sounds. So, this Redux is updating that plugin in place (the new version will outright replace the previous one, discard or overwrite the previous wherever you’ve got it) to add what people needed so badly, in spite of my need to keep it almost control-less: a head bump control.

Now, if you crank to 1.0 you get exactly what the previous version was. (If you need to match earlier mixes you can do it this way: just set Bump to 1.0 and you have exactly the previous plugin.) If you turn it to 0, you get the head bump completely removed. It’s like an upgraded version of FromTape in this setting, where you have tone softening/shaping but absolutely no bass bump. And if you leave it at its default of 0.5, I think THAT ought to work for people as the ‘don’t touch anything’, no-fiddling way to mix to Airwindows Tape.

This is meant to be the best. I think people were right about the bass being too much… it was pretty much exactly twice as much as it should’ve been. So, course corrected: now it’s the ultimate. (Tape is of course like the latest ToTape, but it leaves off ‘flutter’ and such things that real tape also tries to avoid, it’s totally current in terms of dithering to the floating point buss etc. and it uses Spiral internally rather than Density, for an even more transparent and analog-like sound than any previous Airwindows tape emulation)

Hope ya like it.

Oh, one more thing: as mentioned in the last bit of the video, I’m working on things like LUTs and visual arts, in Airwindows style. So I’ve developed a LUT that fixes my GH5 camera so it renders super-intense watercolor pigments without blowing them out with too much saturation. I think the result looks very filmlike and natural, and a LUT pack will be coming out as soon as I have some crazier ones done for music video purposes… but part of the idea was to make a simple image that had colors on it (slightly blurred) that I could sample in a paint program like Clip Studio Paint. I have done this, so in advance of the fancy hi-tech LUT stuff, here’s the picture: Watercolor Pigments. It’s not meant to be perfectly sharp, it’s meant to have the COLORS as good as I could get ’em, including a number of color mixes done in real pigments (should also work pretty well mixing ’em in multiply mode to emulate watercolor layering).

All this is supported by Patreon, which is going very well. So maybe you aren’t interested in non-plugin things, but so long as I can keep the plugins coming, it pleases me to also give out other things. And if you do find the other things useful, so much the better. One thing about it, if I was working as a normal plugin business I wouldn’t have the freedom to do all this other stuff, and so it seems natural to share all of it, as much as I can. In future you’ll see other products of everything from LUTs for video-making, to synth hardware-hacking DIY projects, to workflows for doing animation lip-sync. It’s all me doing all of it, so it takes a very long time to get stuff done ‘cos I fit it in around all the plugins, but quarantine has given me just a bit more time to dive deep into all this stuff I do, and I am seizing the opportunity :)