TL;DW: TapeFat is the tone control from TapeDelay.


We’ll start off 2019 with something kind of fun :)

TapeFat is just the tone control from TapeDelay. It works like an averaging filter that you can use to either roll off highs (or eventually mids), or subtract the effect to create a highpass and take out the lows.

The reason this is interesting is, that tone control is completely bizarre. It’s an averaging filter, but on a pile of delay taps arranged according to prime numbers. Works more like an ambience control, but more densely packed. If you put an impulse through it you don’t get a smoothed-out lowpass so much as a bizarre micro-reverb. Since it’s using primes, it doesn’t reinforce any particular frequency. Since it’s an ambience, it doesn’t have any pre-echoes like linear phase EQs, and the artifacts it produces become a tone of their own (either in-phase, or inverted).

You can hear it on the video, which has a number of things updated, not least this: the new audio is directly captured analog sorta-house music out of my livestreams. This way you ought to be able to really hear the way my plugins retain analog qualities, because now the demo music is essentially AAD: not products of other DAW mixes or digital synthesis, but source material. You can also download those tracks at full 24/96 off SoundCloud. (I use an old Audacity to SRC them to 44.1K for plugin-video making purposes)

Patreon is how I do all this, and I appreciate people using it. I like it better than Kagi, which I used to use to get paid. If you can, please jump on the Patreon at a level equal to buying one this year (for $50 perpetual license, with no DRM, full support as long as I’m alive, you get the source code and the right to make derivative plugins: you know, NORMAL plugin licensing terms :lol: ) and after a year you’ll have paid $50 of which I get nearly all. Then, next year, we’ll look back and see if I made another plugin that you would have bought :) (and if there’s more than one, so much the better: I provide tiers up to five plugins a year and worked out the math up to seven)

See ya Monday at 11:00 AM EST for the Q&A livestream, and Tuesday 11:00 AM EST for the music jam!